Sponsorship & Advertising

Reaching others. Together.

Why They Did That has been blessed to see huge success and rapid growth since our inception in August of 2018. We’ve been able to reach thousands of young people around the world with a deep, relevant, and personal Biblical message. It’s exciting to imagine what God has in store for this ministry, but also for yours! In addition to our own content, we desire to use this show as a means of connecting our audience with your resources. If you desire the same, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with the various sponsorship opportunities we have available.

How does it work?

Currently we offer three options for sponsorship. Descriptions and pricing for each are listed down below:

Level 1
  • Verbal mention at end of episode (“Made possible by ______” “Thanks to ______”)
Level 2
  • Written description of your business/ministry in our show notes and on our website, plus a link to your website.
  • Includes Level 1 Benefits
Level 3
  • Secure our 30-second advertisement slot describing your offering, plus a personalized link that directs listeners to your online content.
  • Includes Level 1 & 2 Benefits
$25/episode + additional $10 per 1,000 downloads

Interested in sponsoring an episode? Fill out the following application.